Hani Shaker on the supplication “O Lord, O Rahman”: Zakat on my home and art..and I love people who rejoice in religious songs throughout the year | Video


Artist Hani Shaker explained that he is keen to perform any religious supplication he likes, whether for Ramadan or any other month, and he does not tire of that and loves it very much.

In an interview with MBCTrending, Hani Shaker said: “I don’t bother with religious prayers, that I love them is strong and not necessarily before Ramadan. I remain very careful about any religious song or the Messenger, may blessings and peace be upon him, and any supplication I like as long as I do. And I love people who rejoice in religious singing or religious supplication throughout the year. ”

Commenting on the artist Omar Kamal’s participation as an actor in the series “Between Al-Sama and Al-Ard”, which will be shown next Ramadan, the captain of the musical professions said: “Omar recently took a membership, and he was previously an associate member. He informs the union about it, and our eyes rub with him to speak.

Commenting on the reproach of the artist Walid Tawfiq, after the release of his last song with the actress Carole Samaha, before the time passed for the release of the song that Walid Tawfiq composed for him, “How do you forget?” How do you forget “I was late in coming. It was supposed to happen about six months earlier, but the circumstances of the Corona and the events in Lebanon arrived and we had to delay a lot.”

Hani Shaker added that the “duet” with Carole Samaha was presented when the work on it was completed, and the timing of the song’s release was not in his hand because it is not the producer.

It is noteworthy that the new religious supplication by artist Hani Shaker entitled “Oh Lord, Oh Rahman,” which is written by Muhammad al-Jabali and composed by composer Hanin Ali, in the first collaboration between her and Hani Shaker.


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