Hala Al-Turk’s lawyer detonates a surprise for the first time about her case with her mother


Thursday, 25-03-2021
09:45 AM

The lawyer of the Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk, revealed new information that may turn Arab public opinion in her favor, as he talked about the nature of her disagreement with her mother, Mona Al-Saber, and the issue between them.
Lawyer and legal advisor, Muhammad Jassim Al-Thawadi, said in the video published by the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, a video clip on her Instagram page, that these statements are legal, documented in the court and agreed upon by the parties to the conflict.
Al-Thawadi stated: “Everyone knows that the legal age of majority is a basic condition for exercising the right to litigate before the courts,” explaining that the age of Hala al-Turk does not currently allow her to exercise the right to litigate, because she is a young artist who has not reached the age of 21 and therefore has no right to file lawsuits. .
He added: “This resulted in him that the report was not filed by Hala in her personal capacity. This is in relation to the allegations that said that Hala filed a lawsuit against her mother, hinting that it was not related to the lawsuit filed.”
He pointed to another point that he considered “strange statements”, about Hala’s imprisonment for her mother, indicating that Hala is “like any human being, and I personally do not know who announced this point is he aware of these statements.”
And Abizaid: A solution is the same as the case of any person and does not have the authority to imprison anyone, which are judicial matters that are not personal and a solution that has nothing to do with them. To a separate house and the children refused to go out with her, but she kept collecting the expenses.


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