Gulf welcomes the positive changes and economic growth in Saudi Arabia


Gulf welcomes the positive changes and economic growth in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday – 20 Rajab 1442 AH – 03 March 2021 AD

Dr. Youssef Boujeri (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Geneva: “Middle East Online”

The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council welcomed, today (Wednesday), the economic growth witnessed by Saudi Arabia in the context of the work of the third review of trade policy at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.
This came in a statement on behalf of the GCC states delivered by the Bahraini permanent representative and head of the Gulf Ambassadors Council in Geneva, Ambassador Dr. Youssef Boujeri, where the countries expressed their welcome to the positive transformations and economic growth witnessed by Saudi Arabia, especially in the framework of “Vision 2030”.
The Gulf states noted that Saudi Arabia has implemented a number of structural reforms and made great progress in enhancing its investment climate by opening new sectors to foreign investment, and implementing legal and institutional changes to improve the business climate and facilitate investment.
She looked forward to the great interest and future investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and its potential to attract foreign direct investment to the region, stressing Saudi Arabia’s role as a strong and long-term supporter of the World Trade Organization and the multilateral trading system, as well as its active and constructive role in many negotiations, and its pioneering work within the League of Arab States and the Cooperation Council, To protect the rights of developing countries.



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