Greece .. Anger after police beat a person for violating the closure measures


Athena – AFP
Clashes took place Sunday night, between police and demonstrators in the Greek capital, Athens, after a video spread showing a police officer beating a young man as a patrol was in charge of monitoring the compliance with the closure measures. Police used tear gas to disperse about 500 people who gathered in Nia Smyrny Square in the southern suburb of Athens to protest the incident that took place in the same place earlier in the day. The recordings of the police officer showed him beating the young man forcefully with a stick in the square, which is a popular location for family gatherings. He heard the young man’s voice screaming “in pain”, while the people at the scene expressed their anger at the policeman’s behavior in this way in front of their children. The police stated that they had sent the patrol on motorcycles to the square “to carry out inspections to ensure that measures are applied to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and limit its spread.” The force indicated that there were many complaints about the residents’ violation of the rules for containing Covid. The police stated that they were attacked by 30 people while the patrol was passing, wounding two officers. Eleven people were arrested during the operation. And it stated in a statement that an internal investigation would be opened into the policeman who was filmed beating the civilian. However, the incident sparked a wave of anger among opposition politicians who denounced police violence. “The country has a government that has completely lost control of the epidemic and knows … only the use of force,” said former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. In turn, government spokeswoman Aristotelia Belloni stressed that the government “is trying, with the support of the people, to extricate the country from this unprecedented health crisis with the least possible losses.” “Unfortunately, however, there is opposition that fuels tension and leads to the inflamed political and social climates,” she added. On Sunday, the Greek authorities announced 1142 new cases of the virus and 53 deaths, at a time when the intensive care units in Athens hospitals were close to reaching their full capacity.


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