Google stack the most accurate scanner for next tax season


Google is updating a new application called Stack, and it is a document scanner that may not sound like that exciting, but many artificial intelligence can help you keep track of your documents which is always important when tax season is near, and it is basically a purpose-built version of Google Lens. It is available for Android system.

Using the application, you can scan a document such as a receipt or an invoice, and the application will automatically classify and organize it as the application uses artificial intelligence to read what is in the document to determine what it is, and it can also extract information automatically from the document such as dates, amounts and account numbers, while adding related context To facilitate searching for documents.

If you work with sensitive documents, you can set biometric authentication when opening the app. You also have the option to automatically save the documents to Google Drive, and of course the documents shouldn’t take up much cloud storage space, but subscribing to Google One for the extra space might be worth it. .

It is worth noting that the developers used enterprise-level artificial intelligence from the DocAI team at Google Cloud, based on the same technology used to analyze the company’s documents, and the application is still in its early stages, so some of the information it collects from the documents may be incorrect, because organizing documents requires Lots of work, this should be of particular benefit to professionals or anyone who might need additional organization.

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