Google makes a new commitment that could cost it a lot … Look for “cookies”


Google makes a new commitment that could cost it a lot ... Look for cookies

Of 24: Google’s Alphabet Company announced that it will not build or use alternative tools to track web browsing traffic, once it begins phasing out the current technology from its Chrome browser over the next year, according to Reuters.

This step would reshape how Internet advertising works, and the company may incur significant losses in order to protect privacy.

Early last year, Google announced for the first time that it would eliminate third-party cookies, which have helped over decades of online advertising, and the move came in response to increasing data privacy standards in Europe and the United States.

For years, privacy activists have criticized technology companies, including Google, for using cookies to collect web browsing logs across websites they do not own, enabling them to develop profiles of users’ interests to serve personalized ads.

Close losses and future gains

Information technology expert Ayman Salah says that “cookies” are a file that facilitates interaction between the user and a specific site, so that users do not have to provide their information on every visit.

He pointed out that Google was relying on cookies extensively to measure the user and his data, to know the direction of users in the search process.

Salah adds to “Sky News Arabia” that cookies violate privacy in some cases, as several accusations have been made to Google for using user information to improve the link to search engines, which exposes that data to the violation.

Google also faced several issues related to the European Union, especially as there are search engines that do not use cookies, such as “DuckDuckGo”, according to Salah.

He continued: “This step taken by Google will provide a safer space for user data, but it will affect at the same time the ads, because the cookies were helping to draw a profile for each user, which was what helped push Google ads forward.”

But the IT expert doubts that this measure will affect advertising income in the long run, but it will inevitably be affected in the beginning, and ad revenue will necessarily decrease.

Salah says that users’ confidence in search engines will increase after stopping the use of “cookies”, which makes Google keep its users away from competing search engines, which enhances the chances of profits in the future.

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