Gold jewelry is the best for a woman to invest in


Prepare Gold jewelry One of the best things for a woman to invest her money in is; Since ancient times, the mother was keen to gift her daughter, before her wedding, some pieces of her gold jewelry. To keep it, then pass it on to her daughter, or sell it if money is needed.

Gold jewelry is the best investment
Gold jewelry is the best investment

It is well known that gold jewelry does not decrease in value no matter how long it passes, but rather increases in value and doubles, which is what makes Investment It has something that is a favorite of many women.

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By the way International Women’s DayBrings you to, “Ma’am.” Net »Several information and advice about gold jewelry that is best for women to invest in:

1- Some companies sell gold and platinum jewelry to people interested in buying gold jewelry as an investment 24 carats– Where “investment jewelry” is defined as a store of value, and its value can increase over time, and 24 karat gold is basically very pure gold, and its value is not at all reduced.

2- It is good that the gold jewelery invested in does not include diamonds or other gemstones; Because the process of evaluating this piece is more complicated, and some precious stones or diamonds decrease their value when they are cut or placed within gold jewelry; Where the real value in gold jewelry is included in the metal that contains it, which is the metal of gold, and not in the stones inlaid with it.

Tips for the best gold jewelry to invest in
Tips for the best gold jewelry to invest in

3- Pure 24 karat gold is very soft and easily damaged; So if you are buying gold jewelry that you intend to wear every day, choose “LOW-KARAT” pieces, which range between 10, 12 and 14 karats; Low-karat parts are made of gold and other metals that make them stronger and more resistant to shocks and continuous movement, such as rings and bracelets that are subject to friction with hard surfaces.

As for necklaces and earrings that are safe from shocks and friction; Buying them 14 or 18 carats is appropriate. As for the “HIGH-KARAT” jewelry, which ranges between 18 and 24 carats, it is best to keep them for wearing at special events and parties.

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4- If you want to invest in gold jewelry, some specialists recommend buying Gold bars Instead of cutting gold jewelry; Because gold bullion is the second most valuable type of gold jewelry after pure 24 karat gold; They do not warp, crack or change color over time; They are considered “life-long” products, because they do not wear out, and in some countries, the government regulates the circulation of jewelry filled with gold or gold bullion; This means that your investment is well protected.

Bullion is the best type of gold a woman can invest in
Bullion is the best type of gold a woman can invest in

On the other hand, some gold jewelry is made of non-gold base metals which are then dipped in molten gold to create a golden layer on the surface, and the plating is usually very thin and fades easily; Therefore, in the event of a desire to buy gold jewelry “for investment” and not for decoration, care must be taken to buy “HIGH-KARAT” jewelry, or 24-karat gold bars, to ensure its value increases over time.

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