Goals for the star Ayman Hefny with Zamalek during the period of playing for the white team


Al-Hawi Ayman Hefni entered, within the accounts of the Portuguese coach, Pacheco, the coach of the white team, to seek the help of the star Ayman Hefni, to participate in the upcoming matches in light of the absence of Shikabala for injury, and the low level of Ahmed Sayed Zizou, during this period.

Ayman Hefny
Ayman Hefny

Ayman Hefny and his tournaments with Zamalek

Hefni played for Zamalek before during the period from the 2014 season until the 2019 season, during which he won the Egyptian Premier League title, the 2014-2015 season, the Egypt Cup 3 tournaments for the 2015-2016-2018 seasons, the 2016 Egyptian Super Cup, the Egyptian Saudi Super Cup. 2018, Confederation Cup 2019.

Ayman Hefny and his international career

Ayman Hefny played 4 matches with the Egyptian national team, and the first match was in the qualifiers for the 2015 African Nations Championship in Equatorial Guinea, and it was against the Botswana national team on October 15, 2014.

Ayman Hefny moves to the clearing house

After his departure from Zamalek in the 2019 season, Hefni moved to the Egyptian Clearinghouse Club, but he did not participate due to the delay in registration, and at the beginning of the year 2020 he moved to the Arab Contractors Club during the winter transfer period, but he did not participate in only a few moments and then the wolves of the mountain team dispensed with him. He is a noncommittal player.

Zamalek player Ayman Hefny entered the accounts of the Portuguese player, Jimmy Pacheco and the technical director of the Zamalek team, due to the large number of injuries within the ranks of the team, as Zamalek suffered from the absence of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, Hazem Emam and Mahmoud Al-Wansh from the team’s previous matches in the African Champions League and the League due to various injuries..

Ayman Hefny
Ayman Hefny

A source inside the technical staff of the Zamalek team revealed that a member of the team’s auxiliary apparatus spoke with the Portuguese Jimmy Pacheco about the possibility of Ayman Hefni’s participation in the upcoming matches in the league within the framework of the rotation and rest of the stars in preparation for the African Champions League matches..

Ayman Hefny
Ayman Hefny

Pacheco began to be convinced that Ayman Hefni could participate, even for a few minutes in the league, to rest the basic strength of the team after being stressed, and Ayman Hefny is expected to be in the right wing center, which suffers from a shortage due to the lack of a substitute for Zizo in this center, unlike Shikabala..

Ayman Hefny, player of the first football team at Zamalek Club, is undergoing individual rehabilitative training under the supervision of Amr El Matrawy, a physiotherapist, in order to prepare him to participate in the matches in the coming period.

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