Global health calls for more vaccines to continue fighting the Ebola epidemic


Friday, March 5, 2021 11:27 a.m.

The World Health Organization has requested more vaccines to continue fighting the Ebola epidemic, noting that there is a high risk of the spread of the Ebola epidemic in the countries bordering Guinea, Al Arabiya reported in its urgent news.

She was warned by the World Health Organization,” WHO” On her page on the social networking site Facebook, on the dangers of smoking for heart disease, explaining that nearly two million people die each year due to heart disease caused by tobacco.

And she emphasized, that when you quit smoking, your chances of developing heart disease are reduced by 50% after one year of quitting smoking, as studies have shown that tobacco kills up to half of smokers.

The organization said that the use of any tobacco product is harmful, as inhaling tobacco smoke exposes smokers to more than 7,000 toxic substances and at least 70 carcinogens, which leads to damage to the whole body, and a regular smoker usually loses more than a decade Its age, and there is no doubt that reducing tobacco use is one of the most effective ways to save lives and improve overall well-being.

The organization clarified that among the dangers of smoking is kidney failure, and heart disease resulting from high blood pressure, explaining that the risk of death and disease rises with the number of cigarettes that are smoked, but the damage begins with the use of a very small number of cigarettes..

The organization stressed that all forms of tobacco are harmful, as there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco, and cigarette smoking is the most common form of tobacco use around the world.Other tobacco products include hookah tobacco, smokeless tobacco products, cigars, small cigars, and rolled tobacco. And many other types.

The organization explained that tobacco is responsible for about 20% of deaths from coronary heart disease, which is equivalent to one in 5 of all deaths due to heart disease, noting that smokers are more likely to develop acute cardiovascular disease at a younger age than others. It is non-smokers.

Source : World news: Global health calls for more vaccines to continue fighting the Ebola epidemic


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