Getting the Corona vaccine is a major condition for Hajj


Riyadh / Ibrahim Al-Khazen / Anatolia

The Saudi Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, announced, on Monday, that obtaining the Corona virus vaccine is a major condition for performing the Hajj this year.

This came in a ministerial circular reported by the Saudi newspaper Okaz, months before the Hajj season, without Al-Rabiah clarifying the number of pilgrims that the Kingdom will receive this year, and whether the number will be limited internally, such as 2020, or will it witness a wider participation.

Addressing his ministry, Al-Rabiah said: “They adopted the compulsory taking of the Corona vaccine for those wishing to participate, as it is one of the conditions for participation in the Hajj season.”

He called for “early preparation to secure the manpower required to operate the health facilities in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the Holy Sites, Madinah and the entry points for pilgrims for the Hajj season.”

The minister directed the formation of a Corona vaccination committee for the participants in the Hajj season, without further details.

And recently, many countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, began implementing plans to vaccinate their citizens and residents, to counter the outbreak of Corona.

2020 witnessed an exceptional season for Hajj, and taking into account the “Corona” pandemic, the number of pilgrims at that time was limited to about 10 thousand from inside Saudi Arabia only, compared to about 2.5 million pilgrims in 2019 from all parts of the world.
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