Germany’s metal workers union criticizes job transfer at Siemens Energy


Munich – dpa

Posted on: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – 9:43 PM | Last update: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – 9:44 PM

The German Metalworkers Union (IG Metal) has criticized the possible transfer of jobs at its partner Siemens Energy.

The union announced today, Wednesday, that the company does not intend to write off 900 jobs as part of a restructuring process, but intends to move them to places including eastern Europe and China, noting that most of these jobs are in the city of Mulheim and Berlin.

In early February, Siemens Energy announced its intention to cut off about 7,800 jobs worldwide, including 3,000 jobs in Germany.

The union said the job transfer is a “highly suspicious” issue, and indicated that it would “look into the matter very carefully.”

Nothing has been resolved yet, as talks in this regard have only just begun.

The company said today: “We will now negotiate with representatives of employees about the specific implementation of the cost-cutting measures that were announced in September 2020, and we will not announce the specific details before the end of the negotiations.”


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