German Cup: Leipzig and Holstein Kiel semi-finals


Leipzig and Holstein Kiel qualified for the German Cup semi-finals.

  • Leipzig beat Wolfsburg, 2-0
    Leipzig beat Wolfsburg, 2-0

Leipzig qualified for the German Cup semi-finals by beating Wolfsburg, 2-0, in the quarter-finals.

Leipzig almost fell behind in the 26th minute, had Dutchman Wouter Figurst missed a penalty kick by Wolfsburg.

Leipzig waited until the 63rd minute to score the lead over Dane Joseph Poulsen.

As Wolfsburg tried to equalize, South Korean Hwang Hee-chan scored the second goal in the 88th minute.

Second-division Holstein Kiel also qualified for the semi-finals, beating Essen, fourth-class, 3-0.

The three goals were scored by Alexander Peller (26 from a penalty kick), Yanni Serra (28), and Joshua Mays (90).

Borussia Dortmund qualified the first day, Tuesday, to the same round, by beating Borussia Monchengladbach 1-0, while the match between Regensburg, third division, and Werder Bremen were postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the first ranks.


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