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Jeddah, Shaaban 17, 1442 AH, corresponding to March 30, 2021 AD, SPA
The National Center of Meteorology announced that it will be a partner in the realization of the “Saudi Green Initiative” and the “Green Middle East Initiative” announced by His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.
The CEO of the National Center of Meteorology, Dr. Ayman bin Salem Ghulam, explained that the National Center of Meteorology embraces a number of regional and international centers that are directly related to the two initiatives, such as the Regional Center for Drought Monitoring and Early Warning, the Jeddah Regional Climate Center and the Jeddah International Center for Information Services, indicating that work is currently underway. The establishment and operation of the Climate Change Center and the Center for Dust Storms and Early Warning, which are essential factors in the work of the “Saudi Green Initiative” and the “Green Middle East Initiative”.
Dr. Ghulam considered the Kingdom’s approach to combat climate change to protect the earth and nature, and to place it among the priorities of the Kingdom’s interests and its programs concerned with achieving global targets related to the environment and climate change, pointing to what His Highness the Crown Prince said – may God protect him – that these two initiatives come in support of the existing environmental efforts in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during previous years according to Vision 2030, in view of the Kingdom’s serious desire to face the environmental challenges it has suffered, such as high temperatures, low rainfall, high waves of dust and desertification, enhancing public health, and raising the quality of life for citizens and residents.
The CEO affirmed that the National Center of Meteorology will be an important partner in achieving these environmental initiatives through the great tasks it undertakes in this aspect, and its future projects related to climate, weather and other elements that serve the two initiatives to achieve their sustainable goals, while the center will be a help and support in Providing information and support services that achieve the goals of the initiative through a number of vital and important development projects, such as the National Rainfall Program, which aims to increase rainfall in the Kingdom by 10% to 20%, in addition to increasing new sources of water, in addition to the initiative to increase the geographical coverage of the Kingdom’s airspace. It reached 94% in populated areas.
The National Center of Meteorology is currently working on installing 75 automatic stations to be added to the center’s automatic monitoring services, in addition to installing real-time forecast models for torrents and dust storms, while the center is looking, in its future plans, to install (600) stations to monitor and control sandstorms and weather, in order to enhance the capabilities of the center. In monitoring and controlling possible weather phenomena on the Kingdom and studying them climatically.
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