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Riyadh, Shaban 11, 1442 AH, corresponding to March 24, 2021 AD, SPA
The most prominent headlines published today:
Cabinet: Terrorist actions against vital installations target the global economy.
Cabinet: The successful launch of the satellites “Shaheen” and “Cube” is a result of the leadership’s support.
On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Al-Fadhli inaugurates the International Conference on Water Resources and the Environment.
The Emir of Mecca discusses development initiatives in the governorates of the region.
The governor of Riyadh inaugurates the projects of the “Dawaee” association.
The reconstruction of the mountainous regions at the table of the Emir of Jazan.
Prince of Najran praises the efforts of the Minister of Interior in preserving environmental security.
Prince of Hail discusses the mechanisms of the program for preparing young leaders.
Northern Prince inaugurates the activities of the World Meteorological Day.
Faisal bin Nawwaf launches the “Lord, make this country safe” campaign.
A developmental strategy for health affairs.
Saudi-Malaysian cooperation foils the largest drug smuggling operation.
Re-planning cities according to a modern strategy.
60 citizens were awarded the Medal of Merit of the Third Class.
Iran’s strategy to colonize the “Arab mind”.
The Lebanese crisis is escalating … and the failure to form a government.
Germany extends COVID-19 restrictions to control the new wave.
Netanyahu: I hope this will be the last election.
A “border crisis” … plagues the Biden administration.
Ethiopia: “We do not want war” with Sudan.
Newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs.
Al-Riyadh newspaper said in its editorial today under the title (Peace Road): The Kingdom transferred the peace ball in Yemen to the Houthi stadium and the international community, through its courageous initiative to end the Yemeni crisis and reach a comprehensive political solution. This initiative, which was met with wide regional and international welcome, is not outside the context of politics. The Kingdom and the coalition vis-à-vis Yemen, but rather an extension of the declared position on the necessity of a political solution to the Yemeni situation, through dialogue between all parties, up to the map of stability in this country, whose suffering extended for a long time.
It considered that this initiative may serve as a last chance for the Houthi militia to review the state of dependency and hijack the decision by the Iranian regime, break the destructive link with the mullahs’ project to penetrate the region, and sow discord and unrest among its components. The Houthis, while making their calculations this time, must realize the facts of history, and the current realities of the field in this regard, it is clear to any clairvoyant that they will not achieve anything from their ambitions that exceed their capabilities, regardless of the support they receive from Iran and its branches in the region, for their dynastic project is not subject to return in Yemen in any way. In any case, the partners of the homeland will be their first opponents, not the kingdom or the rest of the coalition countries, and in this sense, they will go to a dead end if they decide to continue submitting to their patron in Tehran, at the expense of the interests of their brothers in Yemen.
She concluded: As for the other dimensions of the initiative, especially the implicit messages it contained to the international community, the Kingdom placed all parts of the issue in its rightful place, and ended the state of confusion and overturned the facts that surrounded the war of necessity and supported the ongoing legitimacy in Yemen. Concerned with the crisis regionally and internationally in front of its responsibilities, the path to a solution is clear through an open national dialogue, and the concerns of all parties to the Yemeni issue are taken into account, and it remains for the Houthi group and its Iranian sponsor to be convinced of the peace merits, and for Washington to seize this opportunity to push Houthi to move on the path of Yemeni anticipated peace.
Al-Bilad newspaper highlighted in its editorial today under the title (Good Departures): The Kingdom’s initiative to end the crisis in Yemen continues, with wide welcome from various capitals at all Arab, Islamic and international levels, for what it contains of items that are a pillar for the launch of a political process between the Yemeni parties, It leads to a solution to the crisis that resulted from the Houthi coup, and the crimes and terrorist attacks committed by that militia by proxy on behalf of Iran, against the Yemeni people and the neighboring countries, especially the Kingdom.
She said: The initiative comes as a continuation of the good Saudi initiatives towards brotherly Yemen, and its integrated political, security and humanitarian aims, and a strengthening of the efforts of the United Nations, leading to the desired political solution under the international umbrella according to the three agreed upon references, so that the Yemeni people of all sects enjoy security and stability after years of war as a result of a coup The Houthi militia on the legitimacy and the continuation of Iranian interference and support for these militias.
She concluded: In light of this initiative and its premises, the international community must assume its responsibilities to support this step and pressure the Houthis to seize this opportunity to advance the interests of the Yemeni people, launch the political process, and protect global trade and energy supplies. The lives of Yemenis, the future of their country, and the guarantee of regional and global peace and stability.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper explained in its editorial today under the title (calling for peace for good and stability): The initiative put forward by the Kingdom to end the war in Yemen is – in fact – an extension of Saudi Arabia’s strategy towards this brother country, which is mainly based on providing security, peace, stability and prosperity to the Yemeni people. . This is a announced strategy since the first day of the crisis there, and it has remained a major focus in every stage of the aforementioned crisis. Riyadh strongly supported all political efforts for a comprehensive political solution between the Yemeni parties, and moved in all directions for the sake of the success of the talks that took place in Biel, Kuwait, Geneva and Stockholm, but the problem always came from the Houthis, who rejected legitimacy in their country, and pledged themselves to foreign parties. Everyone knows that it does not want good, neither for Yemen, nor for the entire Arab region, nor even for the international community.
She indicated that the Kingdom’s initiative for a solution in Yemen is in full harmony with the special efforts of the United Nations in Yemen, and rather calls on all influential international parties to participate in it, under the auspices of the international organization. This pivotal initiative should be viewed as an opportunity for the Houthis to invest in it and turn into real partners in achieving the peace that the brotherly Yemeni people seek, supported by regional powers and the international community. The most important point in all of this is related to the Houthis themselves, who must fulfill their obligations and respect their pledges. The initiative includes, among other things, a ceasefire, the deposit of taxes and customs revenues in the joint account in the Central Bank of Yemen. The really important point of this initiative is confined to the start of consultations to reach a political solution to the crisis under the auspices of the United Nations. It is an integrated initiative that takes into account all the axes in this crisis, and promotes the rights required of all parties to the crisis, on the basis of respecting the legitimacy in Yemen. Among the tragedies, this crisis deepened the wounds of Yemenis as a result of the coup against legitimacy, but Riyadh moved forward to reaffirm the centrality of uniting the Yemeni ranks to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable political solution. The Kingdom was, and still is, standing by the brotherly Yemeni people of all classes and sects, and it is not concerned with anything but the interest of this people, who deserve peace, security, growth and prosperity. And Riyadh, which stood by the Yemeni side in their crisis, will also stand by them in rebuilding what the war has destroyed in their country. It is a fraternal and moral commitment that has nothing to do with politics and its aspects. The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, led by the Kingdom, is committed to a political solution, and this alliance declared from the beginning that the Houthis, who worked against their country, did not like it, and they moved to strike every opportunity for peace.
She added that this alliance did not leave an opportunity for peace without sticking to it, supporting it, and facilitating all means for it, as everyone knows this, including the Houthis themselves. With the blessed Saudi initiative, Riyadh puts on the table radical solutions to all pending issues in Yemen, including the ceasefire, the opening of Sanaa airport, and the formation of committees that will ensure a ceasefire, without forgetting that the military operations carried out by the coalition to support legitimacy were Originally defensive, and its sole aim is to restore the legitimate government to the country. The Kingdom, which launched this initiative, at the same time warns the Houthis against escalation again, knowing that these mercenaries have failed to achieve any gains from their military advance to control the Marib Governorate. It is impossible for the Houthis to achieve any military victory, regardless of all their violations, which have become strategic for them. Despite all the Houthi violations, Riyadh is dealing with wisdom and responsibility, and wants to achieve security and spread peace and stability for the brotherly Yemeni people, without any discrimination. It is the Saudi strategy that started with good and will continue it indefinitely.
“Al-Youm” newspaper said in its editorial today under the title (ending the crisis … the only option): When the Kingdom announced its “initiative to end the Yemeni crisis and reach a comprehensive political solution” that includes a comprehensive ceasefire under the supervision of the United Nations, and the deposit of taxes and customs revenues for oil derivative ships From the port of Hodeidah in the joint account at the Central Bank of Yemen in Hodeidah in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement on Hodeidah, the opening of Sanaa International Airport for a number of direct regional and international flights, and the start of consultations between the Yemeni parties to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis under the auspices of the United Nations based on the references of UN Security Council Resolution 2216, And the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanism, and the outcomes of the comprehensive Yemeni national dialogue. This initiative, as it is, is an affirmation of the Kingdom’s constant keenness on the security and stability of Yemen and the region and serious and practical support for peace and an end to the Yemeni crisis, and alleviating the human suffering of the brotherly Yemeni people, and an affirmation of support for political efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution between the parties. It is also an initiative that gives the Houthis the opportunity to arbitrate the mind, stop the Yemeni bloodshed, and address the humanitarian situation And the economic and economic affliction that the brotherly Yemeni people are suffering and that they are partners in achieving peace, and to elevate the interests of the honorable Yemeni people and their right to the sovereignty and independence of their homeland over the ambitions of the Iranian regime in Yemen and the region, and to declare their acceptance of the initiative to be implemented under the supervision and control of the United Nations.
She concluded: The regional and international support for this initiative aimed at a comprehensive political solution in Yemen, as well as the global affirmation of the Kingdom’s full right to defend its lands, citizens and residents from the systematic attacks carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia against civilian objects and vital installations that do not target capabilities. Patriotism is not only for the Kingdom, but rather targets the nerve center of the global economy and its supplies. It draws the features of the current scene that places the Houthi militias and those behind them in front of the current reality that proceeding with the terrorist methodology is no longer an available option, and that any papers other than returning to the peace option are scattered before the Kingdom’s initiative and the support of the international community. .
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