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Riyadh 08 Shaban 1442 AH corresponding to March 21 2021 AD SPA
The most prominent headlines published today:
The leadership congratulates the President of Namibia on the anniversary of independence … and Mrs. Samia Hassan on the occasion of her swearing in
On behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prince of Riyadh sponsored the King Abdulaziz Cup race
Faisal bin Bandar notes the leadership’s support for equestrian sport
Arab and international condemnation of the terrorist attack on the oil refinery in Riyadh
The Kingdom provided a model for employing smart systems during the Corona pandemic
President of the Arab Forum: Saudi women are a global model
The Ministry of Health urges registration to take the Corona vaccine
The launch of the Saudi satellites “Shaheen Sat” and “CubeSat” has been postponed.
Riyadh strategy … diversification of sources of income and growth of the economy
The Muslim World League signs a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish Islamic Commission
Abbas welcomes the results of the Palestinian factions’ talks
US Defense Secretary praises India’s commitment as a “key partner” “European Agency”: “AstraZeneca” is safe and effective
Russia expropriates thousands of “Ukrainian” lands in Crimea
Protesters in Burma defy the campaign of terror
Newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs.
Al-Riyadh newspaper said in its editorial today under the title (Space Strategy): 36 years have passed since Prince Sultan bin Salman’s ascension to space, to be the first Arab and Muslim astronaut, and since this flight, which began in 1985, the Kingdom has moved from the category of “observer.” What is happening in the space world, to the category of “participant” in it, and the Kingdom is currently witnessing many steps that have established itself in this field, which culminated in 2018 with the issuance of the royal order to establish the “Saudi Space Authority”, and the appointment of Prince Sultan as its president, to proceed. The Kingdom is then in the process of space science and research, and the development of its scientific performance, in line with the national industry development and logistics program, which is one of the Kingdom’s vision programs.
And she continued: The authority seeks to lead the space field and achieve the goals of Vision 2030 and its aspirations in full, by developing and organizing the field and providing the necessary capabilities to achieve pioneering achievements, according to a supreme goal, the basis of which is that space is a major contributor to the prosperity of the Kingdom, and it is possible for generations to lead, for the good of the human being.
She indicated: The development of the space field did not stop at this point, as it is expected in the near future that the Kingdom will approve the National Space Strategy, which includes ambitious and realistic projects that are worthy of the Kingdom’s important position, and depends on the enablers, including the establishment of a financing program for emerging and research projects, and support for small and medium-sized companies. And stimulating innovation, which confirms the Kingdom’s commitment to invest in this large economic sector.
Al-Bilad newspaper explained in its editorial today under the title (Facing the Iranian Threat): The widespread global condemnation of the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist attack against the Riyadh oil refinery, and the previous sinful attacks against economic facilities and civilians in the Kingdom, reflects the certainty of the seriousness of the Iranian expansion plan in Yemen and the region and the threat to regional and international peace by targeting energy supplies and the global economy, as it reflects the scale of the crises surrounding the mullahs’ regime due to its rogue policy towards many of the hot issues present in the interests of influential world capitals, which unify its position towards Iran’s risks regarding its nuclear and missile program and its interference in the affairs of the countries of the region. .
She went on: States and regional and global organizations have affirmed that they stand by the Kingdom in all the measures it takes to protect its security and sovereignty, and to ensure the security and safety of its facilities, citizens and residents on its territory, and the international community must assume its responsibilities, specifically the Security Council, by taking the necessary strict decisions against the sabotage terrorist attacks that They represent a blatant violation of all international laws and norms, and are war crimes that require strong accountability and accountability for those militias and those behind them, and their attacks that threaten the security and stability of the region, and undermine the efforts for a political solution in Yemen, in Iranian blackmail to pass their evasiveness towards the files subject to international sanctions against them, Which calls for an urgent international decision.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper explained in its editorial today under the title (Market Logic with One Thinking): In September 2019, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman issued an order to appoint Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman as Minister of Energy, at a time that represents the summit of the challenges facing the Saudi oil sector. The giant Aramco was preparing for the largest IPO in the world according to the goals of one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs led and supervised by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the terrorist attacks of Houthi elements on oil facilities in Khurais and Abqaiq occurred, and the global economy is facing a state of uncertainty about growth. The global and growing shares of shale oil, with the increasing interest in renewable energy as an alternative to fossil energy, and all these complex files cast a shadow of doubt about the mechanisms of action of the “OPEC +” agreement that was concluded in 2016, and the extent of the member states’ ability to abide, especially that the OPEC group wanted to reduce production, The choice of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques came to Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman because he was the most capable of dealing with these challenges, as he is the son of the petroleum and mineral industry since he was director of the Department of Economic Studies at King University. Fahd Petroleum and Minerals, then in the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals until he became Deputy Minister, a journey that spanned more than 40 years in which he witnessed its eras, fluctuations and traumas.
And she continued: After assuming the leadership of the Ministry of Energy, Saudi oil stocks proved their tremendous ability to compensate for the shortfall in supplies of any size, and the Houthi terrorist attacks on oil installations and the speed of dealing with their effects and returning to production levels were as if nothing was a message to the whole world about the strength of the sector and the durability of the oil sector. Saudi. But the difficult challenges that proved the superiority of Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman and the ability and skills of Riyadh to lead the global oil market have manifested themselves during the very difficult events that erupted after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, along with the difficulties that the global economy was suffering with the entry into the second decade of this century, China began Actually, the largest closure of its economy since World War II, which made maintaining the production levels that existed a fantasy, and the Kingdom called during the OPEC Plus group meetings about a year ago, specifically on March 6, 2020, to reduce production by 1.5 million barrels per day. Then, the Russian Energy Minister at the time Alexander Novak said that the companies would produce without any restrictions and would not adhere to any ceiling, referring to Moscow’s objection to the cuts project, and when Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman was asked about Saudi Arabia’s decision on this and whether it would take the Russian measure and raise the production ceiling, the response came calmly. He was balanced and left the world at that time to see the effects of the Russian decision. There is no doubt that the prince has warned of the transformation of the decision models of the producers to the models of game theory, which may lead to the destruction of the market. In fact, Saudi Arabia’s experience in repelling the Houthi aggression against oil installations and the huge Saudi capabilities on production and stocks capable of balancing any demand was sufficient for the world to know the extent of Riyadh’s capabilities in controlling and stabilizing oil markets. Prices have unleashed their heads, and fell in the face of all the pressures that Saudi Arabia tried to alleviate as much as possible, as they plunged to levels not reached in its recorded history.
Okaz newspaper said in its editorial today under the title (The threat to global energy security): The cowardly and sabotage terrorist attacks against vital installations and civilian objects in Saudi Arabia confirm the weakness of the rogue terrorist actors who try to threaten the security and stability of energy supplies in the world, and the global economy. And the threat of the entire planet, following their approach to desolation and darkness, without any sensation from them to the lowest standards of international and global law.
She added: While the terrorists think that they can reach their despicable goals, the Saudi air defense men are standing in front of them to blow up their hopes, dreams and disappointed beliefs before they reach their aspirations, in addition to inflicting many painful strikes on them in their dens.
She concluded: It is certain that terrorist and sabotage acts, which are repeatedly committed against vital installations and civilian objects, do not target Saudi Arabia alone, but rather target, more broadly, the security and stability of energy supplies in the world and the global economy and put the ball in the court of the countries of the world and its organizations to stand against terrorist and sabotage attacks. And to address all the agencies that implement it and support it.
“Al-Youm” newspaper said in its editorial today under the title (Al-Houthi … and the extension of Iran’s terrorism): The repeated attacks, behind which terrorist militias and Iranian arms, that target the energy production, navigation and supply joints in the world in a way that threatens the international economy, are attacks that leave no way. To believe that the Iranian regime, which is based on a criminal terrorist methodology and seeks to destabilize the security of the region and the world, can be a natural part of the international community.
It indicated: What a responsible source in the Ministry of Energy stated that the oil refinery in Riyadh was attacked by drones, and the attack resulted in a controlled fire, and the attack did not result in injuries or deaths, and the oil supply and its derivatives were not affected, and what was confirmed The source, that the Kingdom strongly condemns this cowardly attack, and affirms that the terrorist and sabotage acts, which are repeatedly committed against vital installations and civilian objects, the last of which was the attempt to target the Ras Tanura Refinery and the Saudi Aramco residential neighborhood in Dhahran, do not target the Kingdom alone, but rather target the kingdom in a manner. Wider security and stability of energy supplies in the world, and the global economy as well.
And renewing the source, calling on the countries of the world and its organizations to stand against these terrorist and subversive attacks, and to confront all parties that carry them out or support them.
She concluded: These aforementioned data is another confirmation of the size of the danger and threat that Tehran’s behavior poses to the international community, and the need for a firm and deterrent stance that protects the world from these Iranian threats.
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