Gemayel: “Hassan Diab’s government has already stopped working and is doing nothing.”


The head of the Kataeb Party, resigned MP Sami Gemayel, considered that “the government of Hassan Diab has already stopped working and is not doing anything, and the decision is in the hands of Hezbollah and the system cooperating with it that holds the House of Representatives and disrupts the formation of the new government to save the country.”

In an interview with Al-Hadath channel, Gemayel pointed out that “the time has come for MPs who are a barrier to change to resign and open the way for new elections to get out of the disaster. Either the formation of an independent government that works with the IMF and donors and restores Lebanon’s image, or they leave and leave room for the people.”

He believed that “the economic collapse is taking place even in the presence of the caretaker. Things deteriorate and the citizen loses purchasing power, and it is not the caretaker government that stops this matter, as it is powerless because the decision is in the hands of Hezbollah and the system.”

Gemayel mentioned that poverty afflicts all the Lebanese and the economic crisis affects all segments of society, and according to the data, there are movements within the Shiite street and anger at the living reality, so what will Hezbollah say to its group? They also want to live, so does he say to them, “Do not rise up for your dignity?”

He added: “The people are angry and want a solution, and the resentment is real on all heads of the political system, including Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Mr. Hassan Nasrallah. We consider that the Lebanese people’s uprising that crosses sects and regions is a natural and clear way to pressure towards real change in Lebanon, and Nasrallah has no ability to mobilize his street against his livelihood interest.” “.

And Gemayel added: “Whoever wants to help Lebanon, there are international resolutions adopted unanimously by the Security Council, such as 1559 and 1701, which provide for the disarming of militias and controlling the entry of weapons. Let the states take the two decisions and press for their implementation, but this thing is not in our hands. The Lebanese decision, and we hope the international community will help the people regain their decision and their right to self-determination and supervise democratic change. “

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