Gaul hero Asterix returns from Netflix |


The French daily Le Parisien, which published the news in its Wednesday edition, stated that the project will be implemented in cooperation with Albert René’s publications, which owns all the rights to the Asterix volumes.

This is not the first time that a 62-year-old young man has taken on the famous comic book series created by the painter Albert Oderzo and writer Rene Goscinny in 1961. In 2002, he released the movie “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” which had the third highest grossing revenues of all time. In France, it was attended by more than 14 million viewers. However, the series will be a young man’s first animation.

It is reported that it is expected that the thirty-ninth part of the comic book series Asterix will be published on October 21, according to what was announced by the writer Jean-Yves Verry, who has become with the painter Didier Konrad the new “parents” of the hero of Gaul.

The screenwriter said that the new part of the series revolves around “travel”, as the two heroes, Asterix and Obelix, “will go to a new destination … to a country that does not exist in its own right today.”

The 38th installment, “The Daughter of Versanjitorics” by Veri & Konrad, was the 2019 best-selling book in France.

The series “Asterix” will be the first work of the French director Alain Shaba in the field of animation

It should be noted that the creators of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix 61 years ago were Goscinny and Oderzo, and Goscinny died in November 1977 and Oderzo passed away in March 2020.

Ferry said that dealing with the new book, the emerging corona virus, was a tempting topic, but he preferred to dismiss it given that “the epidemic is a sad and worrying topic, and it is recommended that we choose another topic for laughter.” He added, however, that the matter was not without “some hints,” for example a reference to “a drink that resembles a vaccine.”

In response to a question about whether he had been able to consult in the matter of the new book with Oderzo before his death, he indicated that “he was aware of the new topic.” “He agreed with the story and encouraged us,” he added.

More than 380 million books from the “Asterix” comics series have been sold worldwide in 111 languages, in addition to filming movies and TV series, launching video games and creating a French theme park dedicated to comics and their characters.


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