Gates about his involvement in the slides of Corona vaccines: I am innocent


Microsoft founder Bill Gates answers questions from his followers about allegations of his involvement in a mysterious plot to implant small strips into the body of a Corona vaccine recipient.

  • Gates noted that
    Gates noted that the “fake news” circulating over the Internet is a “big problem.”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke, during his “Ask Me Anything” program, about “crazy” conspiracy theories and 5G chips that were said to have been implanted in the bodies of recipients of Coronavirus vaccines.

During the program, Gates answered the questions of his followers, via the “Reddit” website, about his allegations of involvement in a mysterious plot to implant small slices in the body of the recipient of the Corona vaccine.

He answered these questions, saying, “I am innocent!”, Adding: “All that has been said about 5G chips and microchips is very insane. Why would I want to do this?”

The Microsoft founder referred to the “fake news” circulating over the Internet, saying it was a “big problem.”

He stated, “Some of the misinformation is more interesting than the truth, so it appears that digital channels inflate the echo chambers with bad facts.”

Gates was the highlight The challenges the world will faceAfter the elimination of the Corona epidemic, namely climate change and biological warfare.


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