Free shipment of PUBG packages in 2021, more than 15 thousand packages, in a reliable and easy way


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We show you our visitors the most important and latest details of the news of the free shipment of PUBG packages for 2021 more than 15 thousand packages in a reliable and easy way in the following article

Omar Shweil – Jeddah Free PUBG charge cards 2021 with an infinite number If you want a lot of wrenches and housing, you must follow the following easy steps, as the PUBG Mobile game has achieved great fame during this period due to its high quality as it offers high-quality graphics and an amazing three-dimensional sound as if it is real , Where it also has easy controls and is equipped with voice chat to give the game a touch of reality, and this game is always in progress and updates daily and monthly in order to provide the player with all the new forms and developments he needs.

Free shipment of PUBG wrenches

Learn also the best tips for professionalizing PUBG, wrenches are a virtual currency within the game called the UC code, and these wrenches give you a lot of advantages, which are the ability to succeed in passing many stages within the game and also collect weapons where the wrenches help you win and cross to the final stage, which gives you a lot of prizes The value includes weapons barracks, bombs, vehicles, new clothes and other gifts.

Free PUBG charge cards 2021, more than 15 thousand packages for free, in a reliable and easy way

Free shipping method for PUBG wrenches

Many of the fake site in the name of Bebji deceive the players who want to obtain wrenches, but the safest method provided by the official company for Baji is ads, all you need is to watch the ads available inside the game that give you shades without the need to pay money Also know how to charge jewels Free Fire.

UC shipping steps

  • All you have to do is open the game PUBG from your mobile phone.
  • Move on the charging icon and click on it.
  • Then choose the shipping category that suits you.
  • Then register your visa information.
  • Then follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

PUBG Charging Cards

  • There is a site called My Cards for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has cards for charging wrenches.
  • You can log in to it, write your email, and then you will get a code for charging the wrenches.
  • Then log in to your account in PUBG and activate the recharge code.
  • Then click on the word Redeem and wait for the switches to be activated.
  • Finally, enjoy the endless strengths and excel in battles.

UC shipping rates

63 number of Peggy boards = $ 0.68, equivalent to 10.6 Egyptian pounds.
198 number of PUBG wrenches = $ 3.0, 48 Egyptian pounds.
690 PUBG hardware = $ 10.22, EGP 160.
1995 number of PUBG hardware = $ 25.54, EGP 400.
4000 PUBG hardware = $ 51.40, EGP 805.
8,400 PUBG hardware = $ 102.81, EGP 1610.

The new Peggy 2 game

Putting a teaser video explaining the new PUBG MOBILE game, which is the PUBG 2 New State game that has differences from the original PUBG game in new city views, which suggests a future city dating back to the year 2051 AD, and differences in the presence of glass that resembles the Korean game of PUBG. As for weapons, there is not much development. About the current game, and the game will be activated within days on the Google Play Store and the App Store for the phone’s operating system.

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