Fortnite game, the latest download method from outside the Apple Store application


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Omar Shweil – Jeddah The Fortnite game, the latest download method from outside the Apple Store application – Educate me

Fortnite game(Epic Games) confirmed that it will not launch the upcoming Fortnite game season for (iOS) or (macOS), and said: It is not possible to update antitrust disputes with Apple regarding in-app payment processing and other disputes in the App Store, nor can updates of new functions from Apple devices.

Fortnite game

After removing the Fortnite game at the beginning of this month this is an expected development – (Epic Games) warned that it may happen the day the app is pulled – the new season release date is coming to August 27th (Thursday) without any official news, an epic game) , A new Epic Games update specifically for Apple’s FAQ page says: Apple has blocked Fortnite game updates and new installs for Fortnite in the App Store, and said: This will end our ability to develop (Fortnite game) for Apple devices, so this season it won’t be done. Posted on Aug 27, Fortnite Game for (iOS) and (macOS) – New features for version 14.00.

The new release of Fortnite will not reach Apple users

The following update page added: “If you still want to play on Android (Fortnite game), you can access the latest version of Fortnite from the Android app (Epic Games) or the Samsung Galaxy app store, one of the factors you have to face. (Epic Games) is its ability to persuade the judge presiding over the case against Apple to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent Apple (Fort Knight) from exiting the App Store and to prevent Epic Games from updating.

Fortnite game

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