For the second year in Egypt, the Ramadan lantern is a victim of the Corona epidemic


At a time when some merchants in Egypt started an offer Ramadan productsBoth the lanterns and the decorations, the Vice President of the Gifts Division at the Chamber of Commerce, Barakat Safa, explains in statements to “Sky News Arabia” the dimensions of the ongoing crisis since last year and its impact on manufacturers and merchants alike.

Safa points out that this year witnessed only 30 percent of the annual production of lanterns being manufactured, because the stock is still in surplus from last year by nearly 70 percent, especially since the previous season came during the ban period and the sales movement stopped dramatically.

He said, “The stock of last year still covers the market, and a small part has been manufactured this year, because the market movement is very weak in the current period, as in last Ramadan.”

He added, “It is true that the available merchandise is not in huge quantities, but at the same time it coincides with Iqbal, which is not strong under normal conditions before Corona pandemic“.

According to the deputy head of the Gifts Division at the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, “During the peak period of Corona last year, 2020, the shaweds were closed under the precautionary measures. The season of the Prophet’s birthday, and therefore we hope to set up Ramadan lanterns as usual.

Safa says that “Ramadan lanterns have started to spread in wholesale fairs since the beginning of the month of Rajab, and we hope that the shawadr (for retail sale to consumers) will take place in the middle of the coming month of Sha`ban.”

He stated that Ramadan lanterns are 100 percent Egyptian industry, after the import stopped by a government decision, considering them a product that falls under the “heritage” item.

Abizaid, Vice President of Gifts Division in Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Saying: “It is true that there is no import of Ramadan lanterns or any toys related to the month of Ramadan, and even manufacturing materials associated with Ramadan, but there are some ordinary games that are imported, and then they are done later in Egyptian factories Converting the songs in it into Ramadan songs, similar to Wahwi Ya, Hawi and others, by changing the cylinder to suit the atmosphere of Ramadan, especially since the lanterns are strictly prohibited.

Regarding the prices of Ramadan lanterns this year and the extent to which they are affected by the losses that the merchants suffered last year with the lack of demand, Safa reveals that the prices – and in view of these conditions that everyone suffers from – will continue at the same levels, and perhaps decrease slightly. He added, “So far, there is no boom … We hope that the market will move positively in the coming period.”

And continues the official in the room, saying, “If season succeeds Ramadan lantern, That will be an indication of the recovery and success of the coming seasons, whether children play or others .. because the seasons deliver each other as we say.

In his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Safa confirmed that merchants and manufacturers suffered huge losses last year, saying, “All industries for Ramadan have suffered a very great deal of damage.”


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