Find out the price of Muhammad Ramadan’s jacket in his new clip “I am the Batal”


08:11 PM

Wednesday 03 March 2021

She wrote: Amira Helmy – Nour Gamal

This evening, artist Mohamed Ramadan released his new song “I am the Batal”, on his official channel on the famous video site “YouTube”.

Contrary to his usual stirring up of controversy every time he performs his songs, from appearing topless and wearing different and strange clothes than usual, “Ramadan” appeared at this time in different ways, with one look the length of the clip.

Ramadan wore a black leather jacket from the Italian fashion house “Fendi”, its price amounting to 3,553 dollars, equivalent to 55 thousand pounds, as well as black trousers and a basic gray top.

Ramadan is characterized by excessive wear of accessories, as he wore a chain of shoes in gold, and rings on the hands.

The entire clip took place in one office only, and Ramadan used the famous “Joker” mask.

The song “I am the Hero” from the words of Kalusha Al-Fanar, Islam Shendi, the distribution of Islam Sasso music, and composed by Kalusha Al-Fanar, the idea of ​​Mahmoud Ramadan, director of photography Wael Darwish, montage of Islam Hassan, implementation of Show Media Production of its owner Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, Producer Nur Naji, and artistic producer Mohammed Saeed Radwan, directed by Hussam Al-Husseini.


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