Fadl Shaker, “Still The Case,” is close to 2 million views


Thank you for reading a story about “Still not sprinkled” by Fadel Shaker, close to 2 million views, and now with the details of the news.

Cairo – Samia Sayed – The singer Fadl Shaker’s new song, “Still the Status What You Taste,” is approaching 2 million views on the video site “YouTube”. It was released the day before Monday, and the song is written by Hossam Said Ismail and composed by Mahmoud Anwar and arranged by Saleh Moussa and Mixes. Master Muhammad Al-Maqhour and the supervision of Iyad Al-Naqib

The lyrics of the song “Lissah Al-Hala Matsrush” speak of love, pain and sincerity of feelings through seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the beloved. However, this elegant presence of the artist Fadl Shaker through his works that he releases and what it brings with joy and sadness, will remain a river flowing with the most beautiful works of singing, and a manifestation of authentic singing.

And the lyrics of the song read: Still, the situation is not bothered

And the case is still not being sprinkled … and the soul does not wait for you

There is nothing wrong with it .. and everything is rest with you

I forgot the laughter from that day … I sleep with a dream of you

My life is distant, the most difficult .. the key to hope is in your hands

On the other hand, Fadl recently released his new song “Les” in the Gulf dialect, via YouTube, from the words of the Emirates poetess Jinan, composed by Ziad Youssef, distributed by Ghossein Cebros, Mix and Master Mustafa Kamal..

And the song’s lyrics say: “Why is the world no longer settled except with your presence..and to him, the days are no longer counted except with Proyak, you are the most beautiful solution. In your body, come let us narrate the hymns with their warmth of your melancholy .. hymns that are perpetuated by the melody of loyalty to me with your nayyak, the love charmed me that is like your eyelids .. intruder I am laughter does not deprive me of your characteristics. … and weave dreams with the touch of a solution on your right. “


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