Facebook faces a UK antitrust investigation soon


Antitrust investigations of major tech companies continue to emerge as the UK competition watchdog prepares To open one against Facebook In the coming months, according to the Financial Times.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is said to be planning to look into whether Facebook Harnessing user data To give itself an edge over competitors in the social media and online advertising markets, the UK has been investigating a classified ads service from Marketplace, which has also been targeted by the European Commission. However, the timing and scope of a CMA investigation may change.

Facebook declined to comment to Engadget about the report.

Indeed this year, CMA has opened investigations into Apple App Store fees and Google’s plan to abandon third-party tracking cookies.At the same time, a CMA division called the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will be set up and put into operation next month, and DMA has been tasked with creating and enforcing a code. Code of conduct for major technology companies.

Perhaps the likes of Facebook, Google, and Apple are not immune to antitrust scrutiny on the other side of the Atlantic, as the Federal Trade Commission and dozens of prosecutors filed charges against Facebook in December.They are looking to cancel Facebook’s purchases of Instagram and WhatsApp. The company has filed to dismiss the charges.

Google faces multiple antitrust lawsuits from the Public Prosecution Office and the Department of Justice, and meanwhile, Apple Epic Games is fighting another antitrust case.


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