Epic Games acquires Mediatonic, owner of Tonic Games


Tonic Games is officially acquired by Epic Games, the company that owns Mediatonic, best known for its ‘Fall Guys’ game.

Paul Croft, founder of Tonic Games, stated that the new merger with Epic Games will create great opportunities, and possibilities with the gathering of the two companies’ working teams, which will support reaching higher levels in the games industry and content exchange.

Epic has indicated that the acquisition will not affect the development of “Fall Guys”, and the company plans to continue investing in the “battle royale” game currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5 and Steam.

Fall Guys is also set to launch for Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer, and is expected to be available on the Epic Games store later after the acquisition is complete.

It is noteworthy that the Mediatonic studio confirmed earlier to bring the advantages of Fortnite and Rocket League to the game “Fall Guys”, and among these features the user accounts system, cross-play, and also the mode of play between one team and another.



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