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Emirati creative people and intellectuals considered that writing for the child is different from other types of writing, as it requires achieving a balance between the writer’s awareness and the child’s mentality, stressing its role in the upbringing of the child and the strengthening of his national identity.

And they indicated – during the virtual evening organized by the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, Abu Dhabi branch, the day before yesterday, in the series «Publisher and Book», presented by the media Hana Al Shawabkeh – that the paper book will remain despite the technological progress in the publishing and printing industry.

The publisher and writer, Jamal al-Shehhi, explained that writing for children differs from writing in other literary genres, in terms of content, ideas and forms, as the writer must take into account the factors of the environment, meet the child’s desire for exploration, learning and adventure, and have a culture, flexibility and awareness of the means and mechanisms for addressing children. Noting that the graceful content, which revolves around fantasy and science fiction, is the best content that a child can interact with.

Special editions

Jamal al-Shehhi confirmed, during the evening that was devoted to the “Kuttab” house as a publisher, and the book “Riot and Troubled Diaries”, which he wrote with the writer Muhammad Khamis, as a book on children’s literature, that the series that the house launched in 2013 achieved great success, and was printed from the entirety of Its parts are approximately 300 thousand copies, explaining that the six parts of the rioters and the like of the rioters pushed the house to special versions of them, related to the directions of the state. In the “Year of Zayed” the house issued a copy of the diary entitled “Children of Zayed”, as well as in the “Year of Tolerance.”

He added: “The diaries continue to keep pace with trends, because we believe that publishing houses have an important and effective role in strengthening national identity and bringing young people closer to the values ​​of their local environment, through a presentation that is inseparable from imagination, which is one of the most important pillars on which the writer of literature directed to children relies, for what it contains. From expanding the perceptions of the child and his love for reading », calling on writers and creative young people who take their first steps in writing for the child, to interest in world literature and what is produced in this important literary genre.

On the other hand, Al-Shehhi believed that paper publications will not die and will remain a major element of publishing, stressing at the same time the need for publishing houses to keep pace with the technological development in this field, not to be satisfied with the printed paper, and to always strive for diversity, with the need to keep pace with every development and diversification in this field. Means of access to the mindset of the reader.

Regarding the criteria for choosing books provided by Kuttab House, Al-Shehhi mentioned that the content is the first criterion, and that the house opens its arms to every good content, describing “the content is the treasure”, pointing out that “Kuttab” published for 300 writers and issued 400 titles, and got the best house Published at Sharjah Book Fair 2018.

Ease and depth

For his part, the writer, Muhammad Khamis, expressed his pride in the experience of “troublemaker and troublemaker diaries”, as it represents a lot to him in the world of creativity, and gives him joy every day when he meets 18-year-olds and expresses to him that they have been affected by the series since they read it in their childhood, which is what He considers it very much appreciated.

He pointed out that writing for children needs a balance between language, expression, culture and awareness of the writer on the one hand, and the mentality of the child and his emotional and intellectual reception sensors on the other hand, as it needs ease in proposing with the depth of meaning and the supremacy of the purpose, and added that the main engine in writing “riotous and troubled diaries” », Was to encourage children to read in Arabic, by presenting work comparable to the famous American series“ Wimpy Kid ”, which affected most of the world’s children who are interested in reading.

And Khamis considered that one of the most important reasons for the success of the series is its departure from direct preaching, and its reliance on the situation and the story through a teaser dose that appeals to the child.

Uphold values ​​and fight harmful

The writer, Muhammad Khamis, expressed his pride in cooperating with the “Kuttab” House, and the role it played in the success of the book “Riot and Troubled Diaries”, calling for supporting everything of value and fighting the harmful and corrupting that is presented to the child, whether in print, print or audio.

Writing for the child differs from other literary colors in terms of content, ideas and shapes.

– 300 thousand copies of which were printed “The Diary” in its various parts, which was born in 2013.

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