Eman Al-Mutairi is the Executive Director of Marketing and Development of Al Soudah Identity


Riyadh (Echo):

Approval was issued to appoint Iman bint Hajed Al-Mutairi as Executive Director for Marketing and Development of Al Souda Identity at Al Souda Development Company, which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced a few days ago with expected investments worth more than 11 billion riyals.

The company, which is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund, seeks to invest in the nature of the region and its advantages, represented by its high heights, diverse atmospheres and picturesque nature, as it includes the highest peak in the Kingdom with an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level, and a number of heritage sites.

The company aims to invest in the infrastructure and development of the tourism and entertainment sectors, by working to develop the project area, which includes Al-Souda and parts of Rijal Al-Ma`a governorate, to become a mountain tourist destination, and provides residential and recreational facilities.


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