Emad is tired because of what he did with electrocution: I heard him saying that the problem is very huge


Thursday, 04-03-2021
6:31 am
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Imad Mutaib – the former Al-Ahly star – expressed his deep annoyance at the behavior of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, which led to a fine of 200 thousand pounds and prevented him from participating for a month.Mutab said in media statements: According to what I heard and what I understood from the media, the problem is very big, and this is a wake-up call if something of it would be repeated.

In another context, Muteb denied what was reported about the encouragement of some members of his family for the Zamalek club, saying: There is no person in my family, Zamalekawi and my young daughter, who does not understand anything in football, and it is not true what was reported about her love for Zamalek or her attachment to a player in it.


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