Elissa reveals new secrets about her career … a song she cannot bear to hear and another that she performed because of Amr Diab


Elissa continued to reveal new secrets about her artistic and personal life in the “Podcast Elisa” on the Anghami app, and on the fourth episode of the podcast, she spoke about the secrets and scenes of the most prominent songs of her artistic career.

Elisa talks about the role of Ragheb Alama in her early years

In the fourth episode of “Elisa’s Podcast”, Elissa spoke about the stories of her most prominent songs, especially in her artistic beginnings. But before that, I accidentally heard the melody of a Turkish song and liked it and insisted on presenting it in the song “Btetrouh”.

Elisa reveals the name of the song she cannot bear to hear

Elisa said that at that time she was presenting some songs that she is not convinced of, including the song “And I Last It With You”, and she added that if time came back with it, it would not present it or visualize it because it presented itself before and sang it while it did not feel it and repeated itself with it, and added that it was using With her mother to choose songs with her, including the song “Peace be upon him” and “Shagelni”, and she revealed her inability to hear her song “La Touhou” due to her association with her late father, and said that she used to record it during her father’s illness and ended it on the day of her father’s death, and from that time she could not hear it again.

Elisa talks about new secrets about her career

Elissa added that she was very impressed with Amr Diab’s song “Habibi and not on his mind.” In her career and introduced her to the Arab world.

Elissa spoke on the podcast about several songs and stories in her career, including the song “Zakaria”, which she gave to her late father, as well as “Faker”, which she presented after being exposed to a difficult emotional situation with her ex-lover in Cairo, and said that she got used to the bold songs of the strength of her presentation of the song “Abali Habibi.” And “it is inappropriate.”


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