Elisa reveals her failed love story: He suddenly left me and left, so I was psychologically devastated!


In the fourth episode of her podcast through the “Anghami” application, the artist revealed the secrets associated with the stories of her songs since the start of her artistic career, which is shown every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks.

Elissa pointed out that at the beginning of her career, the late composer and producer, Jean Saliba, offered her a Gulf song in the white dialect, titled “Hear the Next Man’s Step.” For the first time on her debut album.

She pointed out that she used to listen to her mother’s songs always, and she chose the song “Peace Be Upon Him” and “My Concern and My Concern” because she loved them so much. As for the song “Don’t Go”, Elissa announced that she could never hear it despite her love for her, because at the time of its recording, she received the news of her father’s death.

She saw that the song “Zakaria” that she directed to her father was the most important song for her, which was written by Muhammad Rahim. She disclosed, for the first time, that the name “Yasmina” is the name that she would like to give to her daughter.

She also mentioned that she liked Amr Diab’s song “Habibi Wa Wala On His Mind,” so she decided to present a song just like her, so she presented the song “Ayshalak”, which constituted a strong artistic leap for her.

She revealed that the song “Faker Ya Habibi” came after a failed love story that she lived with a young man who came to meet her in Egypt while she was going through a problem, and then suddenly left her and traveled, so she was psychologically devastated. Then I met Muhammad Rahim and heard this song, which described her condition in detail, and she cried a lot and decided to present it and became one of the songs closest to her heart.

Quoted from “Nawaem”


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