Eight people were killed in shooting at 3 health resorts in Atlanta, and a suspect was arrested


Atlanta, USA (CNN) – The US police announced that 8 people were killed and one injured after shooting at 3 health resorts in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on Tuesday evening, while security forces arrested a suspect believed to be responsible for the three attacks.

Atlanta Police said photographic evidence indicates “it is very likely” that the same person was responsible for the three shootings. Two of the shootings occurred at two spas across the street from each other in northeastern Atlanta, and the other occurred about 30 miles in Cherokee County northwest of Atlanta.

“The video footage showed the suspect’s car in Cherokee County, around the time of the shooting,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a press release. She added: “This, along with the video evidence that the investigators have seen, indicates that it is very likely that the suspect is the same suspect in Cherokee County, who is being held.”

Police said the suspect was a 21-year-old named Robert Aron Long, and officials said there were no immediate indications of the motive, and investigations were still underway.


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