Egypt – PowerPoint helps the user in making presentations anywhere


(MENAFN – Youm7) Presenter Coach is available from Microsoft, which helps you practice presentations on the web version of PowerPoint for a while now but has finally made it to the desktop and mobile versions of the app, according to Microsoft, the service will now be available on Mac and Windows devices IOS, Android, and web.

And according to the verege, PowerPoint Presenter Coach listens to you as you do a presentation out loud – it analyzes what you’re saying and can warn you if you’re talking too fast or slow. I tried it out on both PowerPoint for Windows and iOS, and it worked amazingly well. , It pretty much does everything Microsoft says it also gives the user a small report that tells them what they need to practice with.

It also includes some new ways the feature can try to improve a user’s presentation: you can look at body language (how close you are to the camera, if you make eye contact or put things in front of your face), and warn you if you repeat words or say them. Incorrectly.

According to the verege, the feature did not appear in the Mac version of the app, but it can be used on iOS, and Microsoft was not immediately available to comment about when the feature would appear on the Mac, or whether audio and video analysis was performed on the device or in the cloud for versions Desktop and mobile devices.



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