Egypt News | Women and Children / The National Center for Translation honors Munira Karawan in the celebration of International Women’s Day


The National Center for Translation, headed by Dr. Karma Sami, will celebrate International Women’s Day at 12 noon next Monday in the Taha Hussein Hall at the headquarters of the National Center for Translation.This year, the center honors one of the most important and prominent professors of Greek and Latin studies in Egypt, Dr. Munira Karawan.

Dr. Munira Abdel-Moneim Karawan graduated from the Department of Greek and Latin Studies at Cairo University in 1973, then obtained a master’s degree for a thesis entitled “Political Thought in the Theater of Aristophanes” and then obtained a PhD for a thesis entitled “The Other World in Greek Theater.”

She chaired the Council of the Greek and Latin Studies Department at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, in 2009.
She has a large number of translations, including: Sophocles’ plays: “Antigone”, “Electra”, “Oedipus a King”, “The Women of Trachis”. And also from Euripides’ plays: “Medea”, “Trojans”, “The Magistrates”, “The Phoenicians”, “Iphigenia in Ulysse”, “Rhesus”.

She also translated a number of Aeschylus’ plays, including: “Offering Carriers”, “The Shackles.”
The great translator has many other translations of books from English into Arabic, including: “Black Athena,” “Language and Legend,” “Envy and the Greeks,” “Encyclopedia of Classical Literary Criticism.” She also participated in translating the Iliad from Greek.

Dr. Munira Karawan received the Shield of the Supreme Council of Culture in 2004 for her contribution to translating the Iliad.

Date: 2021-03-05


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