Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: including Netflix … the top 5 applications that you can use when the internet is cut off


The most important and latest urgent news from Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt today: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
With details of the news: Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: including Netflix .. the 5 most prominent applications that you can use when the Internet is cut off

Many smart phone users sometimes face a problem due to the lack of internet access in their phone due to poor transmission network, especially in remote areas or inside metro stations, or for reasons beyond their control, which makes them unable to use most of the applications on the phone.

However, there are many applications recently that support the offline use feature, so you can continue to work, watch, listen and plan until the Internet connection returns again, and we review 5 of the most prominent of these applications that you can use even in the absence of an Internet connection, according to For the Arab portal for technical news, Aitnews, as follows:

Google Maps application

The application (Google Maps) Google Maps is one of the best navigation applications that you can use, in addition to the many features provided by the application, the advantage of downloading maps and using them offline stands out, a feature that will be very useful if you plan to go to an area where you know that the Internet is Weak or unavailable.

The application allows choosing limited sections of the map and saving them in your phone for use in offline mode, so this is useful if you are only looking for specific directions to move to a specific point, bearing in mind that downloading these maps in your phone to use them in a situation that may occupy a large space in your phone, so after Reaching your destination you can delete it directly.

Netflix app

If you are subscribed to the application, this allows you to download content on your phone to watch it later in offline mode, as the application recently introduced this feature to users of phones running the Android operating system.

This feature is known as “Download For You” as it allows you to automatically download movies that you might be interested in on your smartphone based on your preferences and viewing history, so you can watch them later offline. After watching the show on your phone, you can delete them to free up storage space to download. Other content and so on.

Google Docs app

You can also use the (Google Docs) application when the Internet is not available. Once you activate the Offline Mode option in the document, any changes you make to the document currently in your phone will be stored and then synced back to the cloud when the connection is restored, and the same feature is available. In other applications, such as: spreadsheets or presentations.

Adapt Tidal

It is a free application, that allows you to download music in your phone in high-definition formats, and you can also adjust the sound quality of the tracks you want to download in your phone, and then you can listen to music offline in ultra-high definition, which reaches 9216 kbps or 192 kHz This means that you will listen to the music as if you are in the production studio where the music is actually recorded.

Kiwix application

The application helps you to browse the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia in your phone in offline mode with the use of all functions, such as: search and navigation.

You can download (Wikipedia) completely on your phone, but this may consume the entire internal storage space in your phone due to its large size, so you can choose smaller parts that focus on topics you care about and download them.

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