Eggs … for these reasons should be included in your diet!


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A healthy mind is in a healthy body, and to achieve these safety goals, you have to start with your diet, as it is one of the most important factors for maintaining good health and meeting your daily nutrient needs. It’s no different for losing weight, as it also starts with diet. So how can you lose weight and stay in shape without experiencing a loss of nutrients needed for your health?

To reach your dream weight and lose calories without deprivation, it is worth finding nutritious and delicious foods that at the same time keep you full for longer while meeting your greater nutritional needs so that you can improve your body functions. It is known that breakfast is one of the most important daily meals, especially for determining food options during the day and avoiding feeling very hungry.

For this reason, experts advise eating eggs, especially for breakfast, because they contain a high percentage of protein and relatively few calories, and it also helps in burning body fats, which leads to weight loss.

According to what was published by the American (Medical News Today) site, protein increases a person’s metabolism rate by 15-30 percent. Therefore, eating eggs and other protein-rich foods may help people burn more calories than eating carbohydrates or fats.

In addition to the so-called thermic effect of food, that is, the energy the body needs to metabolize foods, and it is higher for protein than fat or carbohydrates. ”

On the other hand, foods high in protein help to keep you full, meaning you feel full for a longer period, which leads to a decrease in the desire to eat throughout the day. What contributes to weight loss. According to what was published by the American (Healthline) website.

In addition to protein that helps build muscle, eggs contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, as well as a large amount of antioxidants that protect against many diseases. That is why nutritionists advise adding eggs to your diet, as you can prepare them in different and delicious ways.


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