Eating meat regularly causes health risks – health statement


A recent study revealed that people who regularly eat meat are at risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia.

The study from the University of Oxford showed that meat lovers who eat 70 grams of meat, processed or unprocessed, daily more than their peers, have a 15% risk of heart disease, 30% more likely to develop diabetes, and nearly a third (31%) are more likely to develop infection. Future pulmonary.

The risks of a meat-filled diet also apply to poultry, with an increase of 30 grams per day of chicken meat, which increases the risk of developing diabetes by 14%.

Data from nearly half a million Britons who participated in the decade-long study revealed that people who eat meat three or more times a week are more likely to smoke, be obese, and eat an insufficient amount of fruit and vegetables. According to Russia today.

However, the study authors say that most health-related issues are reduced when calculating BMI.

This indicates that some link between meat and health problems is due to being overweight or obese.

As a result, it is difficult to determine directly how much of what causes eating too much meat from health concerns, or if people who eat meat are more likely to be obese and thus face the same health problems.



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