Dubai Sports Council is the first completely paperless sports institution – the sports – UAE stadiums


Dubai Sports Council received a stamp (100% paperless) from the Smart Dubai Corporation, to be the first sports institution to convert all its services and transactions into paperless transactions through digital solutions and smart applications.

This came during the visit of the Smart Dubai delegation to the council’s headquarters yesterday morning, and they were received by HE Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, Nasser Aman Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of the Council, and Saleh Al Marzouqi, Director of the Council’s Institutional Support Department, and the delegation included: Yunus Al Nasser Assistant General Manager of Smart Dubai, Executive Director of Dubai Data Corporation, Wissam Lootah, Executive Director of Dubai Smart Government Corporation, Moza Sweidan, Director of Strategy and Innovation Department.

His Excellency Saeed Hareb stressed that future success depends on keeping pace with technological developments and finding innovative solutions to achieve government strategies in the field of digital solutions, sustainable economy and environmentally friendly work systems, which are factors of success that include all sectors of life, including the sports field, and the Council will continue its efforts to keep pace with the future plans of the Dubai government. And that what has been achieved is only the beginning of many actions that will be applied in the future to enhance the leadership of the Council in all fields, whether in organizing events, developing organizational work, or continuous improvement in the quality of services and their development to keep pace with developments.

The Dubai Sports Council obtained a stamp (100% paperless) to be one of the four institutions at the level of the Dubai government to obtain this seal, which is given to government institutions that convert all their transactions into paperless transactions completely, and the Dubai Sports Council has joined the “Dubai strategy for paperless transactions.” In February 2020, he participated in 98 workshops organized by the Smart Dubai Government, and the Council was keen to cancel the use of 408,623 papers that were printed annually in order to be able to achieve the achievement by canceling all paper uses as soon as possible before November of last year, to implement 100% digital transformation The goal was achieved before the official deadline set by the Dubai government, which is 12/12/2021.

The Smart Dubai Foundation announced that the Dubai Sports Council had obtained the seal during the virtual event that it organized in the presence of the general directors of government agencies participating in the implementation of the Dubai Paperless Strategy, through which it sought to reduce the use of paper by half and continued to achieve its goals of becoming digital. In full at the end of the current year, the rate of reducing the use of paper in all agencies implementing the strategy reached 82.82%, which saved 269,898,621 million papers, thus the strategy achieved a volume of savings of more than one billion dirhams, saved 12,138,416 hours of work and saved 32,388 trees that were used to make paper.

Urging clubs to switch to paperless

The Dubai Sports Council urged all sports institutions, clubs and football companies to find smart and environmentally friendly solutions and convert all documents and transactions into paperless transactions in accordance with the rational leadership approach, in support of our sustainable national economy and preserving the environment.



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