Drive and Lease … a unique experience to travel without paying anything


The site takes users on car tours across cities such as: Moscow, Munich, Seoul, New York, Toronto and Nice, while giving them the ability to choose to listen to local radio stations and the surrounding street noise.

And when users choose a city to explore, they can watch a video from a leader’s perspective The Car On its streets.

And it was recently highlighted on the site, after it achieved widespread interaction on Social media platforms, Especially Tik Tok; His hashtag driveandlisten has garnered 54.9 million views as of this writing.

Technologies used

Regarding how the site works, Tamer Mohamed, an information technology expert, says that it is in shadow Corona pandemic And what the world is witnessing, this application has emerged as a lifeline for fans Travel and trekkingSo that they move between the different cities of the world and live the real experience while sitting in their homes, which made it a partial solution to the problem of the difficulty of moving between cities as an alternative to our desire to wander around while we are sitting at home until life returns to normal.

Muhammad added to Sky News Arabia that the application is free to use, but its Turkish founder, Erkam, accepts the equivalent of $ 4 a donation to help the site continue to operate, through the donation page.

The technology the site relies on

According to the IT expert, Drive & Listen relies on pre-recording and syncing 4K footage from YouTube, while the radio broadcasts Music And real-time talk shows, which contribute to enhancing the realistic app experience.

“You can also choose to allow city noise to be heard, including taxi alert sounds and pedestrian chatting. This app does all of that. All you have to do is choose your car’s speed, relax, and watch it as if you were actually in your car.”

And the IT expert explains that the site has achieved amazing growth; As his world ranking jumped from 128636 to 27115 during the past three months, indicating that The United States of America England and India are the countries that use this application the most; It represents 37 percent of its total users.

While the most important social media platforms he is on are FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


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