Dora upset … the public doubts her marital happiness!


A number of active Instagram accounts have recovered photos that the Tunisian artist Dora posted a few days ago on her account on the Instagram photos and videos application, and appeared in them with her husband, businessman Hani Saad.

Commenting on her, she expressed her pride in him and wrote: “I am proud of him.” And these photos caused a sensation among followers, and many people interacted with them in the past hours.Remarkably, some of them doubted that she was living a happy life with him. One of them wrote: “This person married you only to be photographed with you and appear with you wherever you go. If the month of your life took advantage of you.”

Another commented sarcastically: “It is indicated how much he loves him from the hold of the hand. And it was a follow-up that aroused Dora’s annoyance by commenting: “The only picture in which you laugh from your heart and your pictures have remained from the day you got married. I feel the smile is artificial … May God please you.”

And the artist only replied: “No, it is not the only picture, and I do not publish all of my pictures, and a person does not have to laugh in all the pictures. It is normal.”


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