Donia Batma reveals her honor alongside Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton


Actress Donia Batma said that she will soon be honored in an important event in America.

Donia revealed this news in an interview with the Egyptian journalist Ahmed Salah in “Eight of the Subh”, which is broadcast on the Egyptian dmc channel, via “Zoom” technology, where she will soon be honored in the “Women of the World” event, along with several international figures such as Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton.

Donia Batmeh expressed her happiness and pride in being among the honored Moroccan artists at this event.

New varied artistic

In the same program, Donia revealed that she plans to soon release a song in the Egyptian dialect, which will bear the signature of the poet Emad Al-Asaad. This work will be the second in her artistic career in the Egyptian dialect after the success of the song “Azamn Bedour”, which she released three years ago.

In addition, the Moroccan artist revealed her preparation for a singing album in the Moroccan dialect and a song in the Iraqi dialect entitled “People”, written by poet Imad Al-Asaad and composed by Iraqi artist Hassan Al-Asaad.

Duet with Mohamed Ramadan

In response to her about which names she prefers to make Duet with her, Dunia the star chose the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, explaining her choice as admiring his singing and personality, as well as his acting and stardom.

Donia Batma spoke during the same meeting about her and her sister’s innocence of running the “Hamza Moon Bibi” account, considering that what happened with her was a test from the Lord of the Worlds, and she expressed her confidence in the Moroccan judiciary and fairness to her in the near future.


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