Donia Batma: I am innocent


Days after the Moroccan judiciary issued its enforceable verdict against the Moroccan star, who was sentenced to one year in prison, Donia Batma announced in a press conference that she and her sister Ibtisam were innocent of the accusations of defamation and defamation in the case known as the “Hamza Moon Bibi Account Case”, due to insufficient Evidence.

In the press conference organized by the Moroccan artist with her lawyer, the latter presented documents stating that the two brothers were innocent of the accusation of running the famous account, Hamza Moon Bibi, denying the existence of any relationship between them.

Donia Batma’s lawyer said, defending her, that the court did not find any evidence indicating that Donia Batma and her sister were running the account or that they interfered, through pictures, in the participation stipulated in Article 129 of the Criminal Code, in obstructing the functioning of the automated treatment system, causing disturbance in it and changing its treatment method. And broadcasting and distributing through the information systems the statements and pictures of people without their consent, and the broadcasting of false facts with the intent to harm the private life of persons with the intention of defaming them and participating in it, and threatening them.

Donia Batma’s lawyer confirmed that the Moroccan judiciary continues to restrict the Moroccan actress’s travel until she is investigated on other charges, including participation in entering the fraudulent data processing system, deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system, causing disturbance in it and changing the way it is treated, while continuing Her sister Ibtisam Batma was imprisoned under investigation.


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