Donia Abdel Aziz reveals the secret of her lack of connection: I did not find someone to contain me


The artist has arrived Donia Abdel Aziz A guest on the “Al-Nahar” channel in the “Washusha” program, where she made several statements, in which she revealed that her responsibility from being young was the main reason for the lack of engagement. Donia responded when asked: Why did you not marry at this time? share”.

I did not find safety

She indicated that she needed someone to contain it, saying: “The idea of ​​(girlhood) is buried inside me and circumstances are what put me in this circumstance, and I need someone stronger than me in order to feel safe with him.” ».

Causes of her birthday fuss

Donia Abdel Aziz
Donia Abdel Aziz

Donia Abdel Aziz stated that everyone was constantly waiting for her birthday, explaining: “My family and friends have been making birthday parties since I was a year old,” adding that she grew up and watched her mother make a birthday for her in the form of joy, explaining that she was preparing for Eid Her birthday was 3 months before him, and she revealed that she used to send invitations to her friends, such as invitations for joy, as she pointed out that her birthday was causing a stir because of him because it is due to getting used to “and not because I am an artist.”

I love theater and sad for not shooting my plays

Donia Abdel Aziz mentioned on the stage that she enjoys when she works in theater, explaining that “standing on the stage for me is a big thing”, as she revealed that she loves working in the theater, and that she started with the artist Izzat Al-Alayli, and then with Samir Ghanem, Muhammad Subhi, and Nujoom Senior, explaining that there are many plays that I have performed in theater, but unfortunately, they were not recorded, which made me sad that they were not recorded. At the end of her dialogue, she pointed out that she would accept any role offered to her in the theater and would not hesitate to think, as theater is the love of her life and that the actor finds himself on it.


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