“Dog keeper” Lady Gaga recounts behind the scenes of his “surviving imminent death”


American singer Lady Gaga spoke for the first time about the details of being shot by the dog snatchers.

The guard, Ryan Fisher, from inside the hospital where he is receiving treatment, spoke in a post on the “Instagram” social networking site about his “imminent approach to death” at the moment of his shooting, before my dog, Lady Gaga, was kidnapped from him.

Ryan Fisher was shot in the chest last week, with a semi-automatic pistol, in Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA, and then the kidnapper and his partner kidnapped my dog, Lady Gaga, “Koji and Gustav.”

Fisher indicated in his post that a third dog was accompanying him, a “bulldog” (female), but she was not harmed, and described her as his “guardian angel”, because she supported him during his bleeding before the police forces arrived to treat him, he said.

“My panicked screams subsided when I looked at her, even though my blood was on her small body,” he wrote in a post on “Instagram”.

He pointed out that “he embraced the dog as best he could, and thanked her for all the amazing adventures he had with her, and he apologized to her for not being able to defend her brothers.”

Lady Gaga’s dog keeper, Ryan Fisher, is expected to make a full recovery.

Lady Gaga’s dogs were recovered last Friday night, after a woman brought the dogs to the Los Angeles police station, unharmed.

The American authorities said that the woman found the dogs and were not involved in the accident, and the police have not yet identified any suspect in the crime.

Lady Gaga had announced that she would grant a reward of $ 500,000 to anyone who could return her kidnapped dogs, according to “Sputnik”.


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