Do not be fooled by love … a world of the paranormal “behind her eyes”


This text includes juvenile spoilers
With opinions divided over the end of the limited Netflix series Behind Her Eyes, it is clear that the six-episode drama based on the novel of the same title, released in 2017, is very popular these days.
The story starts from a love triangle that crystallizes when single mother “Louise” (Simona Brown) meets one night with a handsome Scottish stranger named “David” (Tom Bateman) in a London bar. When she arrives at the beginning of the week at the psychiatric clinic, where she works as a part-time secretary, she realizes that Dr. David Ferguson is her new boss, who is unfortunately married! As the state of tension increases, “Louise” gradually befriends “Adele” (Yves Hewson, daughter of the famous Irish artist Bono), David’s idealistic wife, whom the nightmares have in common with her, which raises questions about what caused the tension in the couple’s relationship, and history The troubled one who eludes (very slowly for the first few episodes) through a series of erotic flashbacks.
As answers await, the details prove that it is more interesting than expected. What appears to be a tale of marital infidelity with a kind of “fatal attraction” is in fact a story that goes in directions that produce real surprises, not to mention the mystery associated with the life of “Adele” in the mental health facility.
The feeling of slow motion that plagues the viewer in the first episodes fades with time, especially when approaching the end. At this point, this science-fiction streak becomes worthy of the hype around, as it will likely prompt a person to think of clues as to where things have turned out, perhaps you may have missed along the way.
However, with the end of the final episode, and absorbing the madness that just happened, it becomes clear that we have been deceived in terms of our expectations about the plot, but also about the genre of the series as a whole. The end is choked with spiraling upheavals that culminate in great shock. Since what had seemed all the time a love triangle that we witnessed in many dramas, eventually turns into an accelerating set of supernatural events around lucid dreams, astral projection and body swapping. We had just realized that one of the three characters was in fact a completely different person all the time: a gay man (“Rob” as Robert Aramayo) had lived for years in the body of his girlfriend, “Adele,” before he later jumped into the body of her rival, Louise, who married From «David». Thus, “Rob” has ensured the continuation of his dream of having an affair with “David”, who fell in love with him from the very first moment.
One could argue that this transformation is strange, but here may be the fun, and the performance of capable actors helps overcome this obstacle. The sophistication in this context, stemming from the way writers Steve Lightfoot and Angela Lamana (The Punisher) penned the text, which creates in the audience the belief that they have seen all this before, and then subverts all those expectations. Certainly, the unpredictability, amidst the current abundance of entertainment content and the frantic race between streaming platforms, is refreshing.
On the other hand, the biggest problem with Behind Her Eyes is not borrowing from other works, the topics it addresses, or the decision of those behind it to make a gay man a parasite … The worst thing about this series is the sacrifice of consistency in terms of gender for the sake of unexpected change of events in the end, even if It was fun. While there are some surreal moments in the first episodes, especially those related to Louise’s horrific nightmares, the series is based on something very close to reality, when the astral projection ghosts appear, it is as if Behind Her Eyes suddenly chose to It is a completely different series without wanting to announce itself in advance, for fear of spoiling the surprise and alienating the audience! It’s like watching The Queen’s Gambit slide down a tricky bend and transform unannounced into The OA!

Behind Her Eyes
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