Divergence of the Kuwait Stock Exchange indices at the beginning … and suspension of trading on the shares of “Al Rabita” and “Logistic”


Wednesday, March 3, 2021 09:53 AM

Indices varied Kuwait Stock ExchangeAt the beginning of trading on Wednesday, the general market index rose by 0.14%, winning 8.12 points to reach the level of 5685.67 points, and the first market index jumped by 0.21%, winning 12.91 points to reach the level of 6205.78 points, while the main market index declined by 0.02%, losing 0.91 Points to reach the level of 4,662.29 points, and the main 50 index fell by 0.12%, losing 5.82 points, to reach the level of 4,840.47 points.

The volume of trading at the beginning of transactions reached about 58.7 million shares, worth 12.4 million Kuwaiti dinars, through the implementation of 3205 transactions, and 5 sectors on the Kuwait Stock Exchange rose, led by the banking sector by 0.40%, followed by the consumer goods sector by 0.23%, followed by the oil and gas sector by 0.07%, then two Financial services and insurance by 0.04% and 0.03%, respectively, while the benefits and basic materials sectors decreased by 0.80%, then the industrial sector by 0.51%, then the consumer services sector by 0.18%, then the real estate sector by 0.16%, then the telecommunications sector by 0.02%. %.

In a related context announced Kuwait Stock Exchange, That trading in the shares of the Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (the association), KGL Logistics (Logistic), will be suspended from today, Wednesday, until the disclosure of essential information.

The Kuwait Stock Exchange also announced that the shares of the First Investment Company will be re-traded, starting tomorrow, Thursday, after completing the procedures for reducing the capital.

In another context, Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company announced the results of the Board of Directors meeting, yesterday, Tuesday, and the financial statements of the company were approved for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2020, and the company transferred losses of 1.3 million Kuwaiti Dinars in 2020 against net losses amounted to 87.1 thousand Kuwaiti Dinars by A growth of 1366.5%, and losses on the basic and diluted share amounted to 11.6 Kuwaiti dinars compared to 0.79 Kuwaiti dinars, and the total assets decreased to 11.98 million Kuwaiti dinars in 2020 compared with 12.076 million Kuwaiti dinars in 2019, a decrease of 0.7911%.

Source : Economy: The Kuwait Stock Exchange indices diverged at the beginning … and the trading of the “Al Rabita” and “Logistic” shares has been suspended.


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