Dima Bayaa resolves the controversy over the spread of a picture of her revealing her pregnancy


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Syrian artist commented Dima Bayaa Children who spread about her pregnancy after posting a picture of her on her Instagram page, in which she appears, puts her hand on her stomach.

The followers asked questions to the artist, Dima Bayaa, about her pregnancy, and whether she was hinting at this way, especially after she commented on the picture saying: “Everyone writes a wisdom or a quote with his love”..

Dima Bayaa resolves the controversy over the spread of a picture of her revealing her pregnancy

Dima Bayaa reveals the truth about her pregnancy

AndIn response to the public’s inquiries about her pregnancy, Bayaa said that she hopes that this will happen in the near future, commenting: “Oh, Rit, God hears from you.”

Dima Bayaa interacted with comments and quotes, and commented on a comment to one of the followers: “We do not need Valentine’s Day. Lovers are many. We need the Day of Loyalists, they are rare.” Dima “may God make you happy.”

Dima Bayaa reveals the truth about her separation from her husband

And the news spread about The separation of Dima Bayaa And her husband, Ahmed El-Helou, as she deleted all their pictures that they collected from her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site..

Dima went out to talk for the first time, explaining that there was a dispute between her and her husband, and they decided to take a short break to evaluate their relationship..

She added, “At one point I neglected myself and my husband and my focus was on the issue of health and roses, and then Ahmed and I decided to take a break to review our relationship.”“.

Regarding her deleting the pictures, she said: “We women are crazy and irritable, and I have people who used to write offensive comments, not interfere with the details of my life and my marriage.“.And she continued: “I decided to withdraw from social media and to cancel my account from Instagram and only care about my work.“.

She concluded by saying about this disagreement, saying: “Like all husbands, we quarrel and disagree, and it is possible to separate, but in the end love and respect is the basis of our relationship.“.

It is worth noting that the artist Dima Bayaa married Ahmed El-Helou Since 2014, two years after her separation from her first husband, the Syrian artist, Tim Hassan, whose marriage to her lasted about 10 years, and this marriage resulted in their children, “Ward, Fahd.”

The Syrian actress, Dima Bayaa, is absent from the dramatic race in the Ramadan 2021 season this year


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