Developments in the health status of the former Egyptian national team star, Reda Abdel Aal – Sports – Arab stadiums


Egyptian soccer star and former Zamalek and Al-Ahly player Reda Abdel-Al suffered a health crisis that necessitated his hospitalization.

Ahmed, son of Captain Reda Abdel Aal, revealed the developments in his father’s health after his transfer to the hospital during the past few hours.

Ahmed Reda Abdel-Aal said that his father is now in a private hospital to perform a cardiac catheterization, after feeling great pain over the past few days, according to the country’s echo.

He added, “The doctor of my father advised him to go to a hospital in order to undergo a cardiac catheterization after the great pain that accompanied him during the last period, and I ask the public to pray for my father to get out of this health ordeal.”

He continued: “My father is now in the operations to perform catheterization, and his position on staying in the hospital will be determined during the next few hours.”



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