Demolishing the historical stands in Zamalek and Al-Ahly .. Development or erasure of history?


Al-Ahly of Egypt is following the path of its fellow countryman and historic rival, Zamalek, after he decided to demolish the stadium’s “Mukhtar Altech” stadium, similar to the earlier removal of its counterpart in “Helmy Zamora”.

Mahmoud Mukhtar Al-Titch, the former legend of Al-Ahly, built the stadium in 1949 to accommodate 20 thousand spectators, with a budget of 7 thousand Egyptian pounds at the time, to become a witness to the history of the club, and was linked in the minds of the fans to dozens of events.

Mukhtar Al-Tech Stadium is a historical sports monument for Egyptian football, not just Al-Ahly, as it was the first stadium in the history of Egypt to host the African Cup of Nations competitions, specifically in the second edition of the tournament organized by Egypt in 1959 with the participation of 3 teams: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Lives preserved

In November 2015, Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek club, decided to demolish the club’s historic stadium at the Mohamed Hassan Helmy Stadium, “Zamora”. He was not satisfied with that, as he changed the name of the stadium to Abdullatif Aborgela, the club’s president in the 1960s.

Helmy Zamora Stadium

Mortada Mansour justified his decision, which was met with great fanfare and opposition at the time, by saying: “A committee from the National Center for Housing and Building Research of the Ministry of Housing inspected the stands and proved that the structural condition of the runway is unsafe, and that it represents an imminent danger to those in it.”

He added, “The documents prove that repairs will not be effective in the case of the stands, and that evacuation and removal must be made, due to the deterioration of their condition.”

Mortada Mansour took advantage of the spaces vacated by the removal of the historic amphitheater, to establish gardens, swimming pools and small football fields, with which he doubled the number of club memberships.

A surprising decision from Al-Ahly

During the past hours, Al-Ahly announced its intention to demolish the old stadium of the Mukhtar Tach Stadium, especially since it has been in danger of collapse for a long time.

The board of directors of the Red Club is working in the current period to terminate the licenses to remove the stadium in a way that does not cause harm to the club or the surrounding environment.

The intention within the Al-Ahly Club is to exploit the place of the runway, to create an area of ​​gardens and gatherings for members in the club’s branch on the island, in the old stand headquarters, as a first stage during the coming period.

Mukhtar Altech Stadium

The development struggle and the places of memories

Rehab Abu Rujaila, a former member of the Zamalek board of directors and son of the club’s historical symbol, Mahmoud Abu Rujaila, who owns a private company working in the field of construction, believes that the decisions to demolish the historical stands represent an internal struggle between the desire for development and investment, and the preservation of historical memories.

He added, in exclusive statements to the “Al Ain Sports” correspondent, that the absence of fans and the acute shortage of financial resources made the clubs think of using any opportunity to add new incomes, the memberships of which are the most important at the present time for Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

“These historical places have embraced historical events, and they bear witness to great accomplishments, and dozens of stars of the names that made history, were their beginnings and their brightness on their stadiums, which makes the demolition of these stands cause some sadness as the home of beautiful memories,” he said.


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