Dead in a car bomb explosion in the capital, Mogadishu


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                On Friday, a car bomb exploded near a popular restaurant in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, resulting in many deaths, according to a security source.  No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion.

                                    <p>More than 10 people were killed on Friday evening, when a car bomb exploded near a popular restaurant in the capital <a target="_blank" href="أفريقيا/20210219-اشتباك-مسلح-وسط-مقديشو-بين-قوات-الحكومة-والمعارضة-احتجاجا-على-تأجيل-الانتخابات-التشريعية-والرئاسية" rel="noopener"><strong>Somali</strong></a>  Mogadishu, according to a security official.

“The explosion was very violent and caused massive destruction and civilian casualties,” said the security forces officer, Muhammad Othman, adding, “Operations are still ongoing to determine the exact number of victims, but the initial information obtained by security officials indicates that more than 10 people have been killed.”

Witnesses and official media said that a shooting followed the explosion, which covered the area with a cloud of smoke.

Witnesses reported that the explosion occurred at a Yemeni restaurant near the port. “A speeding car exploded at the restaurant,” said Ahmed Abdullah, a resident of the area.

The official Mogadishu Radio stated that the explosion also resulted in property losses and that the police cordoned off the area.

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion. The militant Islamist movement Al-Shabaab carried out similar attacks in Somalia and other regions as part of its campaign to overthrow the government in the Horn of Africa country.

France 24 / AFP / Reuters



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