Dania Akil to Okaz: My feeling is indescribable … and my goal is the Dakar Rally – Saudi Arabia News


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, revealed to Okaz that Saudi Arabia is witnessing a quantum leap in car and motorcycle races. Yesterday, the Eastern Rally and Hail were local and now they are international. Al-Faisal said: We are happy in the Kingdom to host these international championships, and this reflects the extent of the Kingdom’s success in hosting these tournaments as well as the participation of Saudi champions in them, as they have had enough experience to compete in these tournaments. Regarding the number of participants in the East Rally, Al-Faisal indicated that the number exceeded 100 contestants.The Toyota East Rally International started yesterday (Wednesday) with maintenance, in order to ensure that all vehicles comply with the laws and conditions for participating in the race, as well as to ensure the safety procedures followed.

For her part, the first Saudi woman to compete in the rally, Dania Akil, told “Okaz” that her feeling is indescribable as she participates in the first international rally, explaining that her goal of participating in this year is to complete the race until its end, especially since it is the first participation. She indicated that the Dakar International Rally is her next goal.

The event starts today (Thursday) with a special stage of 217.5 km long, and its path extends to the west of Khobar Industrial City, while the last special stage will take place next Saturday on a track of 222.30 km.


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